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July 29, 2021
C2 Future B2B Event: Fostering Cross-sectoral Cooperation
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Open until July 29, 2021

The overall goal of the project is to create and maintain a European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of smart cities in order to increase the competitiveness of SMEs through innovation and development of new products and services with higher added value in order to place on third country markets.  So, the project will facilitate the creation of new value chain in the field of Smart urbanization/ Smart Cities which integrates mobility and construction with ICT and environmental technologies.

 The project is funded from the European program COSME, and the consortium consists of:
- Digital Transformation and Innovation Cluster (DTI); Bulgaria
- Acclima, Spain
- ICT Net, Serbia
- GreenHome; Italy
- HAMAC; Greece
- Lombardy Mobility Cluster; Italy

 For SMEs:

If you are an SME interested in establishing international contacts on project target markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Algeria ) please fill out the survey at the following link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yYMedRJ4NUTz6nQOIx1TTJJZxFbpB-I84CtvGX4lFHY/edit
By filling out the survey you will have the opportunity to participate in our other activities such as: B2B meetings, webinars.

The project will also support the SME to internationalize their activities and penetrate third countries’ markets by creating joint internationalization strategy and internationalization roadmap.

 For Clusters, Associations and BSO:

C2Future partnership by consolidating the expertise and of six clusters working in the field of ICT, mobility, building and construction and environmental technologies is focused on providing new innovative solutions for more sustainable and environmentally friendly cities, the so-called `Smart cities´. This type of urban development is able to respond adequately to the basic needs of institutions, companies and the inhabitants themselves, both economically and in operational, social and environmental aspects.

Project will do the Identification of strategic partners across Europe to join C2Future Partnership. Based on complementarity, compatibility, skills and interest additional number of clusters will be invited to formally join the partnership of this project. We call all interested clusters, associations and other BSOs to join B2B meetings and use the opportunity to speak with project partners, share their interests and talk about possible cooperation.

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Bulgaria 15
Germany 2
Greece 18
Italy 10
Netherlands 4
Romania 1
Serbia 5
Spain 6
Ukraine 4
United Kingdom 1
Total 66